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Sunday Social: The heART of Reno

Join us for the Sunday Social to celebrate some amazing new artists gaining traction in the community, not just in the Bay area and Northern California! There is a current trend growing for Do It Yourself projects and the resulting ingenuity of embracing a little creativity. We have always thought that a great way to exercise the mind is with any kind of problem solving activity for a topic you have no previous experience with.

The gallery hosts this monthly event as an alternative to the traditional gallery events of parties hosted. This is a chance to enjoy a casual atmosphere geared towards enjoying the new community taking shape from the ultimate goals of the gallery. Giving back to a community, neighborhood and historic street that often times if not forgotten, is neglected. The gallery is located on the historic Licoln highway, or old highway 40 in the heART of Reno. See the ART of RENO and enjoy a fun filled event at the same time. See you February 22nd from 2:00 – 4:00 PM for the event or during regular hours at the gallery.

Sunday Social High Kick girl

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