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Ray Herschleb

Artist Statement:

Ray Herschleb is a Multi Media artist, born to a family of artists. He grew up in the Yosemite Valley and moved to the Truckee Meadows in the 70’s. His art education expands on the knowledge he gained in his high school art classes. Herschleb has been involved in the construction business for the past 25 years, working many facets of the industry. In Ray’s art, he incorporates salvaged items from construction sites and other discarded items in his work transforming the trash to treasure.   Ray is a regular at the Midtown Art Walk during Art Town and the NadaDada Art show in Reno. In 2011, Ray was offered an opportunity to create his own gallery and work space becoming what is today, My Studio X. He has held charity art events annually there and produced solo shows. His work has also been displayed at Open Studio 2012 in San Francisco. Ray participated locally in a group show at the Artist’s Co-Op in 2013. His use of color and negative space creates intrigue sufficient to pull even the casual passerby over for a closer look, which is exactly the point.

Sample of work



Artist Statement

Art For me is a never ending exploration
Of mediums either intertwined
or left on there own!

The need to create
it comes from somewhere
deep within my soul

I am creative by nature
not by choice
creativity has chosen me

Thoughts and ideas run rampant
though my head
always swirling, pushing, pulling
maybe they will stop
when I am dead!

Never happy, never satisfied
with my work
It is in the moment
that I am most exhilarated

But sometimes there is that
rare occasion
when it all comes together
striking an emotion
that crashes over me
like a wave!