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Nazanin Arastoozadeh

Artist Statement:

Nazanin was born in the high desert of Persian Plateau at foothill of the Alborz mountains. One evening when she was ten years old, four years after the revolution and two years into the war between Iran and Iraq, amidst bombs falling from the sky she left her home. The lights were left on, dishes left in the sink and the cars in the garage to ward off suspicions of the neighbors and the police. She fled into the mountains with her small family. They only traveled at night during the nine days it took to travel across by foot and on horseback across the mountains into Turkey.

Since that first adventure Nazanin has continued to travel and explore the world and express her adventures, encounters, musings, observations, impressions and feelings through her art. The portraits and he Gypsy Puppets have evolved over the years taking her on a journey of exploration through expression and abstraction. Many of the portraits and puppet portraits were drawn and or sewn during her travels. They have become the vehicle through which she records and processes and remembers the many friends, teachers, beautiful places and adventures that she has encountered on her journey of life.


Sample of work: