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Debra Batav

Artist Statement:

My name is Debra Batav and I am a local Reno artist. My emphasis is on colored pencil drawings – mainly portraits, and specializing in acrylic paintings.

I began painting and drawing at an age so young that I do not remember ever not doing it. I am completely self taught, and have studied the techniques of other artists in museums as far away as Tel Aviv, Israel to incorporate into my own work

I have also painted murals to be used as entryways, kitchens, bathrooms and spas on tile, for various companies, restaurants and celebrities in the Los Angeles area. I also both displayed and sold my artwork to fellow soldiers while I was serving in the US Army.

I feel my work is unique in that I do not paint to merely “copy” something onto canvas, but strive to create a piece of work that has a deeper meaning, one that hopefully invokes a response. Of course, that response is based on your own personal interpretation of your life experiences! To me, that is what art is all about. Not simply just a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers, but an emotional response to a portrayal of a slice a life, a moment, a portrait of our own human experience.


Sample of work: