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Reno Art Murals, 24 Hour Mural Marathon

Reno Art murals around town

Reno has always had amazing mural artists. Many of the prominent artists have been been establish for decades in the Reno area art scene. Reno has a few truly great art murals and some areas over saturated in murals. Reno is a great place to hike around and explore many of the murals and allows each of us to decide is less is more. Over the last few years Reno has seen a rise in local moral artists practicing and honing the craft while trying to gain recognition in the community for their work. And now local businesses and resorts are beginning to embrace the idea of sponsoring and promoting art. Give way to the now to the 24 Hour Mural Marathon event now taking place for a second year and growing. The Reno Art Mural scene has been begging for some California style and influence and it will be refreshing challenge to bring in outside talent. This years marathon really gave spectators a taste of what artists from California and outside of Reno produce regularly in their own artwork and commissioned murals. Reno Art Murals are now beginning a new chapter of Reno city life and the bar is constantly rising higher than the ladders local muralists use for their next piece. Join us on a follow up for the winners and a look at the finished murals for the 24 Hour Mural Marathon in downtown Reno Nevada.

Reno Art Murals gallery


The competing artists in the Reno Art Mural Marathon

Anthony Padilla

Bryce Chisholm

Danielle Rumbaugh

Stephane Cellier

Dave Cherry

Heidi Barnett

Asa Kennedy and Derek Miller

Link to a blurb about last years Mural Marathon

2014 Mural Marathon blurb!

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