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Make Reno: Craft and maker events

Join us for a really unique exhibit or conversion of the gallery into a makers space with a variety of events planned. Available will be practice space for local musicians and bands along with the bonus of having our gallery associates assist with complementary videographer services. The gallery will provide promo’s and snap shots for use for everyone involved. Any makers currently looking for a small space of shop area to work on small to large projects should call the gallery in advance in order to book space or to be able to accommodate your needs.

If you teach any kind of an artistic, craft, or useful skill please feel free to contact the gallery about using the space for free or to coordinate multiple classes for event days at the gallery. Ideally offering classes to the community and emerging artists for free would be ideal but arrangements can be made for more established teachers with their own clientele and programs. Don’t forget their are also packages for having meetings and training sessions at the gallery if you are in need of a flexible, unique and one of a kind space.

This event is really open to all artisans, tinkerers, makers, inventors, writers, creators, patent holders, engineers, craftsman, builders or any creative like minded individual. Be sure to check back soon for our website makeover and our new shop opening soon!


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