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Artist Requirements

All artists at the gallery will be obligated to follow the rules of the gallery and required to complete all requirements to not only be successful but to also be eligible to participate at the gallery.

Rules of success:

#1 You are required to have an artist website to not only promote yourself as an artist but this also provides a legitimate portal to access you online.

#2 You need to promote yourself at the gallery and the show you are participating in. You can do this through forwarding the flyer or promotional material by email (BCC the gallery) or any method approved in advance in writing by the gallery.

#3 You need to be active at the gallery. An artist is not done when they finish their artwork, your job is just beginning. You are required to come into the gallery, fill out inventory & sales tags and additionally have a presence at least once a week at the gallery. You can do this by either volunteering at the gallery twice a week or hold a short event once a week at the gallery. If you are not responsible enough to hang your own work you will not be successful, only active artists are selling work and promoted for commissioned work. You may designate third party fulfill this obligation on your behalf if you receive written approval in advance of your work being in a show at the gallery.

#4 Have fun! This is a not a spectator sport. Active artists get noticed and will not only sell art but be eligible to participate in outside shows, pop up galleries, and permanent off site shows. We do not advertise the galleries we run outside of our main storefront in downtown Reno, our active artists know why and see the results!

#5 You are required to fill out an application and your contract in advance of showing at the gallery. This has to be emailed to the gallery or manager to verify timestamp and acceptance into the gallery. If you do not meet any of these requirements, your contract is null and void and you have already violated the terms and agreement with the gallery. The gallery will have no obligation to you if you fail to meet any of the previously stated rules and obligations.


Updated 01-01-2015